Little is known about Stefan. Except that sightings have occured around the Stockholm area.
To catch a Stefan, you need do one of the following:
Play roleplaying games, either digital or analog. A Stefan can sniff out a RPG from miles away.
Second, put a TV on with a random Sci-fi/fantasy movie/series. Seems that Marvel has worked for most cases.
And Firefly, and Star Trek, and Star Wars, and…well which ever Sci-fi will work.
If this doesnt work, maybe due to eating too much Sci-fi of late, put a good fantasy movie on.
So, happy hunting! 
psssst, a tip. Look in the Contact page. But this one is a freebie.

App Skills: Unity3D, Maya, Unreal(basic), Photoshop 2.5-CC2018, Audacity,
SketchBook, Slack, HTML, Windows 3.11-10, Magix Music Maker. Programming language : C#

Fav Games: Fallout, Stellaris, Helldivers, Pillars of Eternity, Baldurs Gate 1-2, LOTRO, Earth & Beyond, Zelda 1-2,
Uncharted 1-3, Telltales, Horizon Zero Dawn, Wing Commander: Privateer, Conflict Freespace, Fahrenheit
and many many more.